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Either you self-study or take coaching, studying on your own is a must. Starting your preparation with the proper resource material gives you an extra boost. Not all the materials provided in institutions or available in the market are as per the student's requirement.

The GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material[G G] compiles all the required notes in a manner suitable for all the students. It is perfect for the students with minimum knowledge regarding the exams.

The GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material[G G] consists of materials as per the latest syllabus, saving up your time wasted on gathering up resources from different sources.

The theory subjects require proper reliable updated notes while the practical subjects require crisp and composite explanations of concepts and basics. The GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material[G G] is compiled keeping all your requirements at the top priority. The notes are simple with proper explanations for you to memorize as well as clear your concepts.

Topics Covered:-

(Section I Aptitude Section Common)

  1. Engineering Mathematics [1]
  2. Engineering Mathematics [2]
  3. General Aptitude Mental Ability
  4. Analytical ability(Arithmetic)

(Section II Geology)

  1. Geomorphology
  2. Structural Geology
  3. Crystallography & Mineralogy
  4. Geochemistry
  5. Igneous Petrology
  6. Metamorphic Petrology
  7. Paleobiology
  8. Stratigraphy
  9. Resource Geology
  10. Global Tectonics
  11. Applied Geology
  12. Natural Hazards
  13. Remote Sensing Principles

( Section III – Geophysics )

  1. Solid-Earth Geophysics
  2. Geodesy
  3. Earthquake Seismology
  4. Potential & Time-Varying Field
  5. Gravity Methods
  6. Magnetic Methods
  7. Electrical Methods
  8. Electromagnetic Methods
  9. Seismic Methods
  10. Geophysical Survey Design
  11. Geophysical Signal Processing
  12. Geophysical Well Logging
  13. Radioactive Methods
  14. Geophysical Inversion

The journey to your success lies in selecting the right path, The GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material[G G] is the perfect option to go for.

The GATE Geology Geophysics Exam is a computer-based online exam. The duration of the exam is 3 hours. The exam will be based Multiple Choice-based and Numerical Answer based. The exam paper will consist of 65 questions with a total of 100 marks.

Each question will be either a 1 mark question or a 2 mark question. Out of the 65 questions,15% of the question will be from the General Aptitude section, 25% will be based on Part-A and the remaining questions will be based on Part -B of the syllabus. There will be negative marking for only Multiple Choice Based Questions. There will be a penalty of 1/3 rd mark for 1-mark questions and 2/3 rd mark for 2-marks question for every wrong answer. The questions are designed in a way to test the comprehensiveness and analytical ability of the students.


Distribution of marks

Number of Question

Total Marks

Types of Questions

General Aptitude

5 questions each of 1-mark and 2-marks


15 marks


Part - A


25 questions each of 1- mark


25 marks

MCQs and NATs

Part- B


30 questions each of 2 marks


60 marks

MCQs and NATs


The syllabus of GATE Geology and Geophysics Exam is divided into three broad sections-



General Aptitude

Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability

PART-A(common section)

Earth and Planetary System, Basic Structural Geology, Crystallography, Mineralogy



Geomorphology, Structural Geology, Crystallography and Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Igneous petrology, Sedimentology, Metamorphic petrology, Paleobiology, Stratigraphy, Resource Geology, Global Tectonics, Applied Geology, Hydrogeology, Basic Principles of Remote Sensing.



Solid-Earth Geophysics, Geodesy, Earthquake Seismology, Potential and Time-Varying Fields, Gravity methods, Magnetic methods, Electrical Methods, Electromagnetic Methods, Seismic Methods, Geophysical Signal Processing, Geophysical Well Logging, Radioactive Methods, Geophysical Inversion.

How will the GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material[G G] boost your exam preparation?

The GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material [G G] is updated every year based on the latest syllabus keeping in mind the latest question trend and exam pattern. The GATE G G Exam is different from the other exams. Starting your preparation the right way with the GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material will surely give you the desired results.

The accuracy of answers lies in the proper understanding of concepts and theories. When dealing with theory subjects, proper understanding of various topics mentioned in the syllabus is of utmost importance. The contents of GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material contains notes and explanations in a very lucid manner making it easier for you to remember and grasp the concepts.

The new topics included in the syllabus are updated in the GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material[G G] from time to time. You are made available all the necessary updates, saving your time, otherwise wasted on looking up for reliable resources.

The GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material[G G] notes are equipped with proper diagrams and appropriate examples making it easy for you to create mind maps to revise before the exam.

For the student who chose to self-study and with average knowledge regarding the topics, the GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material [G G] is the perfect guide for you. Proper and Systematic preparation from the study material would surely give you the desired results.

The notes provided in the GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material [G G] are strictly based on the syllabus avoiding unnecessary information as per the syllabus, thus helping you grasp limited and useful information.

The topics are arranged in a systematic manner keeping your preparation in check avoiding confusion, from overlapping of topics, and gives you ample amount of time to attempt mock tests, revise and focus on the weak areas.

The topics mentioned in the GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material [G G] are segregated in a manner where you can attempt mock tests or solve sample papers at the end of each topic to analyze your performance and understand your depth in the area studied.

You must be well aware that making notes is good for your preparation, but making the notes lengthy is of no use. Following the GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material [G G] will guide you to highlight the important points for your last minute revision.

Following the GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material[G G]takes care of your exam resources, but you need to follow a few other preparation tips as well to achieve the desired success:-

Memorize your syllabus, it gives you an idea of what to study and what not, saving your time to focus on important areas.

The real success lies in inaccuracy. You should focus more on attempting the questions correctly than trying to attempt more no. of questions. Accuracy comes with practice and revision of the topics studied.

You should keep around 1 month of time to revise and practice mock papers to get a hold of the exam scenario. Attempting mocks makes you familiar with the exam schemes and makes you comfortable sitting in front of the computer for 3 hours at a stretch.

Time Management is a necessity. The questions asked in the exams have different weightage, thus proper allotment of time to questions must be the strategy to score high in the exams.

Students study under a lot of pressure and takes a lot of unwanted stress which may hamper the preparation. Preparing from a single source gives you the time to work on your weak areas. Opt for the GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material[G G] for a stress-free preparation.

We provided the students with information related to the GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material[G G] and other related information regarding the GATE G G Exam. Having the proper strategy and resource will give the students the needed boost to kick start their preparation.

Working the smart way is the ultimate goal and the appropriate path to success. The GATE Geology Geophysics Study Material[G G] is the part of your SMART WORK. Take as much advantage as you can and get the desired result.


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