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  • Complete GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY)
  • For GATE and All PSU Sectors Exams
  • Covers Full Syllabus Contains Total 16 Study materials
  • Written by Top Faculties and GATE Toppers from India
  • Detailed Covered All Topics, Concepts, Short Tricks and Much More
  • Fully Covered from Basic to Advanced Level
  • Based on the Latest Exam Pattern and Syllabus
  • Genuine Quality & Most Preferred
  • Chance to get the highest Scores in your Exam

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The GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY) is the perfect solution to all the  GATE Chemistry(CY) exam related queries, starting from the syllabus to attempting the questions.

The exams, nowadays are strategically based, where studying right is of more value than studying more. Application of the above-said method causes chaos among students from finding the right resources to updating their preparation as per the latest trend, the preparation is done half-way.

The GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY), has the authentic, viable, and affordable resources updated as per the latest syllabus.

Topics Covered:-

  1. Engineering Mathematics (1)
  2. Engineering Mathematics (2)
  3. Process Calculations
  4. Thermodynamics (1)
  5. Thermodynamics (2)
  6. Thermodynamics (3)
  7. Fluid mechanics ( 1)
  8. Fluid mechanics (2)
  9. Heat Transfer
  10. Mass Transfer
  11. Chemical Reaction Engineering
  12. Process Control
  13. Plant Design and Economics
  14. Chemical Technology
  15. General Aptitude Mental Ability
  16. Analytical ability(Arithmetic)
  17. General English Grammar Notes

The syllabus of GATE Chemistry(CY) Exam is broadly divided into 3 sections:-

General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, and Chemistry.The Chemistry section is further subdivided into- Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry


Topics to be covered

General Aptitude

Mental Verbal Ability:- English Grammar, Sentence completion, Instructions, Verbal Analogies, Word Groups, Critical Reasoning, Verbal Deduction.

Numerical Ability:- Numerical Reasoning, Numerical Estimation, Numerical Computation, Data Interpretation.

Engineering Mathematics

Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Complex variables, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods.

Physical Chemistry

Structure, Group Theory, Spectroscopy, Equilibrium, Kinetics, Surfaces and Interfaces

Inorganic Chemistry

Main Group Elements, Transition Elements, Lanthanides and Actinides, Organometallics, Radioactivity, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Solids, Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Organic Chemistry

Stereochemistry, Reaction Mechanisms, Organic Synthesis, Pericyclic Reactions and Photochemistry, Heterocyclic Compounds, Biomolecules, Experimental Techniques in Organic Chemistry.

The duration of the GATE Chemistry[CY] Exam is of 3 hours. It is a CBT(Computer Based Test). The Exam questions are of two types-Multiple Choice Question based and Numerical Ability Test-Based. The Paper contains a total of 65 questions, each question carrying either 1-mark or 2-marks. The total paper is of 100 marks. Out of the 65 questions asked in the exams, 15 Questions will be based on the General Aptitude and Mathematics each and the remaining questions will be Chemistry based. There will be a penalty of 1/3 rd marks for every 1  mark questions and 2/3 rd marks for every 2 mark questions answered wrong. The negative marking is for Multiple Choice Based Questions only. The Questions are Designed in a way to test the analytical ability of the students.

How will the GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY) boost your exam preparation?

The contents provided in the GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY) are revised every year as per the latest syllabus. It includes detailed concepts and explanations of all topics. The GATE Chemistry[CY]Study Material updates newly added topics in the syllabus from time to time. You can refer to this GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY), the all-in-one one material for all your preparation related to the subject.

The GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY) is a perfect compilation of the exam-related notes, explained in a simplified manner to help you understand and learn the basics crisp and clear. You will also be relieved from the confusion problem as well.

The various numerical formulas, theories, names, and other facts that are needed to be memorized are mentioned in a simple way in the notes of the GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY). You are not required to maintain separate notes for the formulas and other facts.

The topics mentioned in the syllabus are arranged in a systematic manner in the GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY) keeping your preparation in check and avoiding confusion, from overlapping of topics. The topic-wise explanations also help you take a quiz or mock-test at the end of each topic to analyze your performance.

For those of you, who wish to study on your own, you need the right guidance along with the right source. The GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY) is perfect for the role of both guide and a reliable resource.

If you wish to join coaching classes, only attending the classes would not give you success and the notes you prepare may not cover all the basic concepts, and forgetting is common in students. The GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY) here comes in handy, the concepts explained and the examples used in the GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY) makes the topics easy to understand and remember. It also allows you to prepare a mind map, which is a very useful technique to keep the facts and figures memorized.

The all-in-one solution, the GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY), is compiled in such a manner if followed properly will give you ample time to revise, practice mocks, and look over your weak spots. Constant revising should not be skipped by the students.

The GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY) is completely exam-oriented. The GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY) stops you from wasting your time and energy in grasping unnecessary information from various other sources. For your final revision, you can just highlight the important notes or note it down.

Apart from going through the GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY),  you must also keep in mind other preparation to and achieve the desired results.

You must strictly follow the GATE Chemistry[CY] Syllabus and solve Previous Year Question Papers,to get an idea about the examination scheme.

The difficulty level of the question asked in the exam differs every year. You must concentrate on the manner of the questions being framed and study accordingly.

You should never skip any topic mentioned in the syllabus. The difficult topics are to be given more time and revision. You should complete your syllabus well ahead of time and it is possible with the GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY).

You should be confident when you are attempting any questions. Focus more on giving the correct answer and so the need is to have clear concepts. Following the GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY), will make your basic strong.

You should attempt a mock test regularly as it will make you familiar with the exam-scenario. It will also ease your tension. Time-Management is to be done at the earliest.

You should keep track of your preparation progress. You should maintain a diary where you can write down your weak areas, so that its you don't forget to look at it later.

You should eat healthy during the time of your preparation. Junk foods, improper sleeping habits, stress etc can affect the students' concentration. You should not take any unnecessary stress.

Sitting for long hours at a stretch can be difficult. You should therefore make a habit of sitting in front of your computer well-ahead of your exams.

The results vary with students ability to grasp the knowledge, but it also varies due to the knowledge acquired from various sources are not adequate or up to date. Reading from various sources may give you a lot of information regarding the topic but all are not important from the examination point of view.

The GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY)  is a perfect one-stop destination for the overall preparation of your GATE Chemistry[CY] exam. It is a must to rely on the minimum resources possible. We guided you to the best option available, the GATE Chemistry Study Material (CY) to boost your preparation-THE EASY WAY i.e. The Smart Way!!

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