CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material, Handwritten Notes by Top-Faculty KOTA ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

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  • Fully Covered from Basic to Advanced Level
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Notes For CBSE-XI and All other Boards Class 11 Students
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Importance of class XI when having PCB stream

Post tenth commonplace, all people gain a crossing, wherever we want to decide on a stream which will verify our profession and eventually, the remainder of our lives. whereas several people select Physics, Chemistry, and Maths (PCM), their area unit many that select Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) and pursue a profession within the medical field. however, in contrast to engineering. Read our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material to know more about this.

Topics Covered:-

  1. Physics 1
  2. Physics 2
  3. Chemistry 1
  4. Chemistry 2
  5. Biology 1
  6. Biology 2
  7. Biology 3
  8. Biology 4

The medical field offers many choices for students. selecting the correct course once twelfth is very vital as a result of a well-thought-out call will cause a gratifying career or might become a basis for the post-graduation course. it's tough to choose one as a result of there area unit such a lot of sensible choices, that have an honest scope however we tend to don't apprehend that is acceptable for all. PCB is more than any point written here so that why we have created the precious CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material.

List of degrees you can pursue

BHMS – Bachelor of medical care medication and Surgery
BUMS – Bachelor of Unani medication and Surgery
BDS – Bachelor of dental medicine
Bachelor's of science
B Sc – Nursing
Bachelor's of atomic number 78 – Bachelor in Physio medical aid
B Pharm – Bachelor in Pharmacy
B Sc gardening – Bachelor of Science in gardening
Bachelor's of science ecology
B Sc activity Therapists
Bachelor's of science otology
B Sc Speech and Language Pathology
Bachelor's of science Radiography
B Sc Rehabilitation medical aid
Bachelor's of Science Food Technology
B Sc Nutrition and bioscience
Bachelor's of science biology
B Sc zoological science
Bachelor's of science social science
B Sc Home Science.

There's a whole of postgraduate left here but don't worry we have covered all that in our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material.

Some more information about choosing PCB as a career

Subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology (PCB) area unit needed for college kids desiring to take up careers in drugs or dental studies, organic chemistry, biotechnology, biological science, agricultural and dairy farm science. choices also are out there within the paramedical and allied fields like Nursing, physiatrics, physiotherapy, Audiology, therapy, Medical science laboratory Technology, Optometry, Nutrition and bioscience, Pharmacy etc.

Those curious about husbandry and Veterinary Science will take up a career as a veterinary doctor. We know organic chemistry takes a huge role in that that why read our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material to learn more.

Those with +2 science Bio-maths will take up either Associate in Nursing engineering or a medical career. Admission to those skilled courses is thru entrance examinations. If not curious about the engineering and medical field, 10+2 science students will opt for the B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) program of their alternative, which might be followed by a Master’s degree (M.Sc.), Ph.D. and M.Phil. Teaching is another choice.

We will teach you more about career pursuing in our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material.

List of popular career for students who have opted for PCB




Biological sciences

Biomedical engineering

Biological sciences





We know there's the whole of them left here but don't worry we got all of them covered in our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material.

List of biology practicals: CBSE class eleven Biology Practicals

Study and describe a regionally available common spermatophyte, from anyone family: Solanaceae of the Liliaceae (Poaceae, asterid magnoliopsid family or dilleniid dicot family is substituted simply just in case of express geographical location) along with dissection and show of floral whorls, plant organ and ovary to point a range of chambers (floral formulae and floral diagrams).

Study of distribution of stomata inside the upper and lower surfaces of leaves.

Separation of plant pigments through activity.

Study of the speed of respiration in flower buds/leaf tissue and germinating seeds.

take a glance at for presence of sugar in body waste.

take a glance at for presence of easy macromolecule in body waste.

Study/Observer of the following (spotting)

(1) elements of a lightweight magnifier.

Specimens/slides/models and identification with reasons – organism, Oscillatoria, Spirogyra, Rhizopus, mushroom, yeast, liverwort, moss, fern, pine, one monocotyledonous plant, one dicotyledonous plant, and one lichen.

Virtual specimens/slides/models and characteristic choices of – protozoan, Hydra, Fasciola hepatica, Ascaris, leech, earthworm, prawn, silkworm, honeybee, snail, starfish, shark, rohu, frog, lizard, gallinacean, and rabbit.

Tissues and selection in type and size of animal cells (squamous epithelium, smooth, skeletal and muscle fibers, and sophistication blood smear) through temporary/permanent slides.

biological process in onion root tip cells and animal cells (grasshopper) from permanent slides.

Just like this, we have covered many more important things in our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material.

Preparation tips for students:

(2) Collect information for examination

This is the foremost necessary issue that each medical aspirant ought to recognize before beginning making ready for the pre-medical check. Because of all the necessary medical entrance exams cowl NCERT information. Read our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material before an exam.

Follow NCERT books solely

It was found that all told medical entrance tests, quite ninetieth of the queries come back from NCERT books. Thus, if you browse your course books meticulously, you'll cowl quite the gap to your destination. We have covered all the important stuff in our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material.

(3) Illustrate and work on weak areas

This is another necessary issue to be conquered. it'd happen that you simply square measure sturdy in one subject and weak within the different. the very fact shouldn’t discourage or depress your preparation efforts for entrance to the medical field. We have covered every important thing you require in our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material.

Some more tips

(4) A correct schedule

Nothing works in absence of a correct schedule. till and unless you create an entire and thorough schedule for the manner you wish to review, you'll not be ready to complete the information. We have provided the best time table in our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material.

(5) Segregate easy and difficult chapters

You will continuously notice some chapters that square measure on your tips and a few others which require to be revised totally. We will provide you with a short question and answer in our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material.

(6) Apply previous years papers

As so much because the paper pattern for the medical tests is bothered, there's no vital modification each year. We have prepared our CLASS XI PCB study using the previous year's questions and answers.

(7) Solve mock check papers and apply papers

One of the best challenges of the NEET examination is that the time limitation as students square measure needed to complete one hundred eighty queries in three hours (180 minutes). Thus, students should be capable of finishing one question in one minute at least. We have provided the best mock papers in our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material.

(9) keep calm and stress-free. Just sit relax before the exam and try to remember our notes from our CBSE-XI Toppers Complete Study Material.

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